Sep 062011

The Offworld show with LM1 29th August 2011 – Scenic & Advisory – Paradigm shift Lp showcase
Out now on cd & mp3 on Offworldrecordings here


Part 1

Drift out
New life
Never forgot
Just for you
Moving deeper
True to form
Altered states
Paradigm shift
Mexican man
How long
Natural progression

Part 2

Oscillist – Flourish (dub)
Clarity a shot of emotion (Inmindlp002)
Kharm piece by piece (dub)
Pro luxe Let it go (Inmindlp002)
Shadowboxerz – The tunnel (dub)
Phat playaz Scott allen & deeper connection – signs (Fokuz recordings dub)
Pro luxe my hands are wings again (dub)
Dan Guidance – Crying out (dub)
Seathasky – Deep inside (dub)
Kredit Coincedence (dub)
Freebird & Cityboy – Troubles far away (dub)
Aquasion – Sunset palms (dub)
Seba – Welcome to our world (Spearhead)
Blu Mar Ten –  Believe (Nelver remix)
Kyro – On sacred ground (dub)
Technicolour & Komatic –  Those feelings (Shogun Audio)
Celldweller – I`m afraid this time (LM1 remix)
Breakslinger – True vip (Offworld dub)
Andy skopes & Mr Joseph – Call to arms (Secret ops)
Bladerunner & Mr Explicit – its taking over me (UFO006)
Trisector & Inztance – Skidmarks (dub)
LM1 – Wake up (Levitated dub)
Mage – We are not angels (Levitated dub)

The next show is 19th September 2011 Monday 8-10 gmt