Jul 102012

OFW021 – Silence groove – Eat me softly

Release date : 10th July 2012 at the Offworld store /July 23rd worldwide.

Available now to purchase worldwide at all good digital outlets.

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1: Eat me softly
2: In your eyes
3: Carried by the clouds
4: Air up there

`Silence Groove`,hailing from poland lives a double life musically,his latest trance productions are being supported by some of the biggest names of the scene such as Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Andy moor and Matt Darey.
He devotes equal time as a talented drum and bass producer with releases on the likes of Bassdrive and Soul deep and we present a 4 track ep on Offworld for your pleasure with his wonderfully melodic style.
The organically smooth liquid roller title track `Eat me softly` opens the ep, leading into the alluring vocal lead `In your eyes`.
The latter half of the ep `Air up there` and `Carried by the clouds` enchants within a warm spacious framework amid engaging riffs,luscious pads and ambient washes.

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