Scenic & Advisory


Scenic & Advisory are a UK (Redditch) based Drum & Bass duo formed by Tommy Osgood (Scenic) & Lee Adkins (Advisory). While they have a penchant for the deep and atmospheric end of the D&B spectrum, blurring the lines between those and other genres is their focus.
Drawing inspiration from genres across the board from the pioneers of Electro, Hip-Hop, Glitch, IDM & Ambient from the 80s to the present they specialise in deep expansive soundscapes coupled with warm driving basslines, experimental breaks and intricate edits.
With releases on reputable labels such as Binary Soul, Allstreet Recordings and Urban Chemistry Scenic & Advisory have risen from newcomers to a recognisable outfit amongst the scene. With support from Dj’s such as Bassdrive’s Stunna, Overfiend, Method One, Magin, LM1, Fusion, SoulTec, Indigo Sync, Amnesty and artist/DJs such as Tidal, LJ High, Jaybee, Matik, Seathasky, Future Engineers, Smote, Bassflo, Johnny Beverton to name but a few the duo are making headway within the scene.
Now partnered with the mighty Offworld Recordings and with the support of master producer LM1, Scenic & Advisory have found the perfect platform to deliver their music to fans on a global scale and the freedom to take their music as far as their imaginations.

Buy their brand new album OFFWORLD014 : Scenic & Advisory – Paradigm shift LP a the Offworld store!
Release date : 29th August CD & Mp3 exclusive at the Offworld store,September 12th worldwide


OFFWORLD014 : Scenic & Advisory – Paradigm shift LP out now
OFW007 – Offworld Transmissions Vol. 1 LP – Moondust (Scenic & Advisory)
OFFWORLD 02FR Critical Mass:Icicle:Don`t Tell me (Scenic & Advisory)  (Download it here)
UCR007 – Tempting Fate/Afterglow (Scenic & Advisory)
BSR002 – Blake Reary – Nowhere Near (Advisory RMX)
BSR003 – Sweet Dreams / Tranquility (Scenic & Advisory)
BSR005 – Science Friction / Velocity (Scenic & Advisory)
ASTDSUB001 – The Things We Do (Scenic & Advisory)

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