Zach Ronstadt aka Antibreak is has been producing music for the last 10 years. Influences stem from 90’s techno, drum and bass, minimalism, IDM, and countless film scores. In addition to being a big fan of bass heavy atmospheric music, Antibreak’s approach to production has often been considered expressive, meaningful, and forward-looking. In addition to independent album releases such as “Ultima Thule” (2002) and “Layered” (2004), singles have been released on Red Mist, Covert Operations, and most recently Absys Recordings (“The Mentalist”).
Antibreak’s third album “Eleven Shades of Night” was released in September of 2010 on Red Mist Recordings. The 60 minute release departs from traditional drum and bass composition, illustrating the redemptive narrative of an otherwise frozen ultramodern world.

For his debut 2013 album on Offworld `Advent Star `he draws on influences from film and game scores, `Advent Star` leaves Earth behind to immerse you in a future where human colonies sparsely populate the solar system. It is a lawless, unpredictable frontier. A dark presence from beyond threatens the very existence of mankind, and a lone survivor from an abandoned colony holds the key to salvation.

Available on digital and limited cd. The cd version of Advent Star is available exclusively at the Offworld store and gets a FREE digital version of the album. Buy it here

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